Mobile Retractable Cable Reel Retractable SK-DXW11 Series Cable Reel

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Flame retardant and plug-resistant socket, overheat protector, LED power indicator, safety door socket 250V~16A three-hole socket 1, 250V~10A five-hole socket 3 integrated sockets, extend the number of plugging and unplugging, increase the use Anti-electric shock protection door can only be used when both holes are inserted together to protect the safety of people and equipment.

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Wiring Requirements and Procedures
1. Try to choose a flexible cable with the type and specification shown in the table above. 2. The cable is equipped with a junction box, open the junction box cover, unscrew the screw of the wire clamp, and then insert the stripped cores into the corresponding polarities. In the terminal hole, tighten the crimping screw of the terminal; press the cable into the crimping piece, and tighten the crimping piece screw; press the cable into the square groove of the reel reel, cover the junction box cover, and tighten the cover plate screw

o Output power is fully reeled and fully extended cable power
When the wire of the reel is rolled up, a coil is formed, which consumes electrical power and generates heat during power transmission. It is recommended not to reel when using it.
①Cable reel cable length can be customized according to customer needs
①Please pull out all the cables when using, otherwise the curled cables will generate resistance due to heat generation, and the withstand power will be halved o When using the cable reel, the total power of the electrical appliance must not be overloaded, otherwise it may cause a fire hazard

technical parameter

H05W-F 3G1.0mm2 25m
H05W-F 3G1.5mm2 25m
C/Size 61 x 45 x 39.5
Qty/Qtn 4 PCS
Qty/20' 1000 PCS
Qty/40' 2000 PCS
Qty/40H 2500 PCS


Mobile cable reels are widely used in steelmaking, petrochemical, water supply and drainage treatment plants, as well as imported equipment power supplies in ports, shopping malls, hotels and other places. Sensitive leakage protector, overheat protector, anti-plug, dust-proof and waterproof sockets and other safety configurations meet the needs of safety, convenience and practicality.



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