Why do industrial mobile cable reels need lightning protection?

At the end of the day, the cable reel acts as a powerful socket perfected in every way. If the lightning protection requirements are sockets, the cable trays that are often used in industrial production environments are more effective, especially electrical accessories involving larger electrical appliances, as well as the safety of more operators. So, do sockets need lightning protection?

In fact, the lightning protection function is indispensable in both the domestic environment and the industrial production process. From the many fire accidents caused by lightning in the past few years, it can be seen that the harm of lightning is huge and unavoidable. So why does the home environment need socket lightning protection?

We know that all residential buildings are equipped with lightning rods, but can you sit back and relax with lightning rods? In fact this is not the case, as the role of the lightning rod is to protect the building from lightning strikes by resisting the hazard of direct lightning strikes. But in this process, the lightning rod will release a large amount of induction lightning, that is, surge. These surges penetrate the inside of the appliance along the antenna and power cord, causing damage to the electrical components, making it unable to function properly, and even causing a fire.

Therefore, household sockets need lightning protection. However, there are not many lightning protection products on the market at present, because people often use the usual way to prevent lightning in their lives, that is, use as little electrical appliances as possible during thunderstorms in summer. But this method cannot be applied to industrial production. In order to make industrial production work safely and effectively, many companies have seen the huge advantages of cable reels over ordinary sockets, and more and more manufacturers have begun to choose cable reels. The ordinary cable reel has no lightning protection function, and it is not relatively safe to use.

You can go a day without watching TV or surfing the Internet, but sometimes industrial production cannot be delayed for hours. Therefore, in the event of a thunderstorm, companies that use cable reels without lightning protection are often faced with a dilemma. On the one hand, if you stop using electrical appliances, it will affect the production progress and delay the normal work process, so you must not stop; on the other hand, if you use it reluctantly, once you are struck by lightning, not only the electrical appliances will be damaged, but people will also be injured, and even cause a fire. impossible. Therefore, the lightning protection function is an extremely important safety guarantee for the cable reel.

Post time: Sep-19-2022