How to judge a high-quality and reliable cable reel?

1. Material selection The cable reel from the internal structure electrode connecting line to the external socket panel, the winding barrel, the steel pipe bracket, the door handle and other components in operation are all in accordance with the national standard: all copper thick electrode connecting line, large bearing capacity; the socket panel chooses flame retardant High-quality PC material, not easy to burn for a long time; anti-drop, flame-retardant, heat-resistant, low-temperature resistance; engineering door handle, comfortable application. 2. Pick as needed At present, most domestic mobile cable reel manufacturers have a single product variety and weak functions, which are only used for general cable applications. The mobile cable reel is a professional cable reel “R&D-production-sales” integrated business. There will be nearly 20 types of pure mobile cable reels, including intelligent waterproof cable reels, industrial socket cable reels, tripod cable reels, and ultra-small cables. Reel. Tripod cable reel. Wheeler cable reel. Car cable reel. Steel tube frame cable reel, etc. 3. Safety warning signs In the plug-in application of the cable reel, a short-circuit fault may occur. In rainy and snowy weather, there will be loads and other conditions. Continuous high temperature. In harsh environments such as ultra-low temperature, this situation is very important for the safety factor and quality standards of mobile cable reels. powerful. Generally, the product safety factor of mobile cable reels does not meet the standard, and even “three no” products cannot be used in rainy and snowy days.

Post time: Jul-02-2022