Daily maintenance of mobile cable reels

Users who use the mobile cable reel not only need to know how to use the mobile cable reel, but also routinely maintain the mobile cable reel. Any daily operation of a product will cause its service life after a long time of friction, but if the daily maintenance is done well, the service life of the product will also be extended. So is the daily maintenance of mobile cable reels really that important? What methods are there? 1. Application of mobile cable tray The mobile cable reel is a high-power mobile socket, but different from the ordinary cable reel, it can be used in more occasions and is more convenient than the ordinary cable reel. However, you also need to choose the right product according to different situations. Because the power gap in the workplace is huge, not all products are suitable. If it is a large production base, industrial socket-type mobile cable reels are required, products that need to work outdoors and in humid environments for a long time need to be waterproof, and professional explosion-proof functions need to move cable reels in flammable gas environments. 2. Moving the cable coil It is necessary to pay attention to the use of the cable tray. The length of the ordinary socket is generally only a few meters to a dozen meters, so the choice of the length is also a problem. When moving the cable reel 30 meters, it can reach 200 meters. When using, you need to choose the corresponding length according to your own needs. If the length is not selected properly, it cannot be used normally if it is too short. If it is long, it will generate a lot of heat when it is wound on the drum, which will affect the output power. three. Mobile cable reel monitoring and maintenance 1. Check the cable. Check the cable for corrosion. If the cable is corroded, exposed wires may leak. Depending on the degree of corrosion by chemical or electrolytic action, the surface of the cable has different symptoms, showing pores of different colors. There may also be red, yellow or yellowish compounds. According to these different manifestations, corresponding measures should be taken. Check for cable damage due to traction friction. Because the cable will be dragged and moved during long-term use, it is easy to be broken or damaged due to external force, resulting in insulation failure. Check the reels and cables for multiple or impending damage from prolonged use. This requires regular and comprehensive inspection of the cable tray so that even if the problem is solved, the potential hazard is not eliminated. 2. Monitoring protector The protector in the cable reel also has some caveats. After the product has been used for a period of time, it should be tested and maintained to ensure that circuit faults can be correctly detected and correct power-off measures can be taken to avoid false alarms and power-offs. 3. Monitoring screw Although the cable reel is easier to use in the industry, many outdoor workers, especially the small wheels below, need to ensure that the screws on both sides of the small wheels are often monitored for looseness with the increase of the number of uses, so as not to affect the normal operation of users working outdoors use. The quality and design of the product are the basis for determining the service life of the product. Whether the operation process is correct or not is the key influencing factor. Today, the product materials used by Wolf brand electrical appliances can ensure the safety and durability of the products to the greatest extent. As long as the user masters the correct method of use, the function of the cable reel can be better played.

Post time: Aug-25-2022