Cable tray in production and life of the huge role

Today’s product recommendation: Coyote industrial grade cable tray. Now more and more people realize the great role of mobile cable tray in production and life, but the use of more people does not mean that more people will use. As the mobile cable coil of electrical products cable coil, consumers should first understand the correct use of common sense, so that electricity safety throughout our life.

The products on the market are complex and diverse. If they are not appropriate, no matter how much attention is paid to the way of use, they cannot avoid potential safety risks. Therefore, the following introduction to mobile cable tray products as an example, the correct use of mobile cable tray introduction.




One, the configuration of mobile cable tray tray according to different mobile cable tray on the ladder of different occasions, equipped with different gb socket or industrial socket, power indicator light and overheat load protector, and leakage protector. This can be seen in the configuration can ensure the use of safety, protector using international level. The size of the mobile cable tray is determined according to the length of the cable, and the standard configuration is 30 meters and 50 meters. In appearance, there are mini, tripod, steel frame, wheel and car.

Two, mobile cable tray is widely used in electric power, mechanical equipment, steel construction, chemical enterprises, although the occasion is different, but the basic precautions are the same. Before using the need to detect the cable tray components are intact, to ensure that the use of part of the function of the intact; According to the choice of working environment, voltage and rated current using the corresponding cable tray; When used for a long time, if the current of the product has been close to the rated current, it is necessary to release all the cables on the drum, so as not to generate large magnetic field of cable heating, affecting heating and reducing power; When moving the cable tray, ensure that the cable tray is disconnected from the power supply. If the power supply cannot be disconnected temporarily, exercise caution. If you are not using a waterproof product, do not use it in rainy or snowy weather. The product has this production process, strict inspection process and raw materials, the product itself is safe, so pay more attention to the operation, you can ensure the use of safety.

Post time: Apr-11-2022