Cable tray details, safe, safe, or safe!

Cable tray is for industrial and mining enterprises to provide winding wire and cable function of the wire tray, widely used in iron and steel smelting, electronics, petrochemical, mining, electric power, railway, construction sites, mining plants, etc., is the basic construction necessities.

Due to the use of cable disk environment and characteristics, resulting in cable disk related safety accidents, mostly due to external causes, very few cable disk itself quality problems. Therefore, to measure the excellent or not of a cable tray, mainly lies in the design of the manufacturer, whether to consider the use of the process may face a variety of security risks, and make relative protection measures.




1. Super anti-external ability
Cable tray will face outdoor, open air conditions, and the construction site is often dusty, therefore, the ability to resist external forces and cable tray material is an important standard to measure a cable tray, need to have rain, dust, splash protection and other anti-external ability.

2. Safety protection device
Cable tray supporting cable quality is very important, cable tray design should also consider the possible safety risks. In the process of work, may be due to the hot weather, high temperature, rain and other environments, resulting in poor quality of the cable overheating spontaneous combustion, leakage and other situations, therefore, cable tray in the design, need to consider the installation of overheating overload protector, and leakage protector. For some special working environments, we also need to consider explosion-proof cable tray or all-plastic flame-retardant cable tray, etc.

3. Choose the right category and adjust measures to local conditions
Different use environment, the cable tray indicators have different requirements, therefore, in the selection of cable tray, to give priority to the working environment, the corresponding indicators are met, such as: insulation, high temperature resistance, etc.

4. Operation specification
On the basis of correct selection of cable tray, it is necessary to pay attention to correct operation and standard operation in the process of use. Ensure the working environment, circuit and power related facilities are in good condition, eliminate circuit risk; Confirm the use of power, prevent overload use; Pay attention to the use of length, avoid winding; When not in use, timely power off and so on.

Post time: Apr-11-2022