Brief introduction to the use and storage of cable tray matters needing attention

1. Check whether cables or sockets are damaged.
Before use, it is necessary to confirm whether the socket or cable is damaged and check it in time. If cable damage is found, it should be handled by experienced professional and technical personnel immediately. It is not necessary to put the damaged cable into use to prevent adverse consequences.

2. Pay attention to the cable winding mode and direction.
When the cable tray is moving on the ground, pay attention to the winding mode and direction of the cable to prevent loose cables from falling off.

3. Avoid heavy pressure and improper force.
If the cable is pressed by heavy weight, part of the cable may be broken, resulting in heat from high impedance, and damage to the outside of the cable. When the cable tray moves up and down, pay attention to the fastening degree of the cable tray; Pay attention to avoid bumping in handling. If the cable tray is not used for a long time, it should be put in a safe corner with few people as far as possible to avoid unnecessary contact causing cable damage and affecting normal use.

4. Take care to avoid long-term damp exposure.
Try to buy cable tray with waterproof function, try to avoid long-term use of cable tray in wet environment, so as not to damage cable insulation, shorten the service life of mobile cable tray.

5. Keep away from harmful substances and avoid corrosion.
Although working in outdoor environment for a long time, the cable tray has to face the chronic corrosion of external acid and alkali corrosive substances. However, if conditions permit, the cable tray should be left after the work of this environment, in order to reduce the degree of corrosion, prolong the service life.


Post time: Apr-11-2022